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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Investment Quadrant?
The Investment Quadrant is the key formula we personally use to research and analyse our stock investments. Here are just some of the real-life results we’ve gotten using The Investment Quadrant:

  • Nera Telecommunications – 32% in one year
  • ARA Asset Management – 47% in two years
  • LippoMall – 27% in two years
  • Soup Restaurant – 63% in three years
  • Japan Food – 176% in three years

We have taken all the knowledge we have about how to find great companies to invest in and put it altogether as a complete online training course which can be accessed by members from anywhere in the world.

How is the content in the Investment Quadrant course delivered?
The 9 modules are delivered via an easy-to-use visual dashboard. You literally only have to point-and-click to go through all the lessons in a simple step-by-step format to complete the Investment Quadrant course. The modules and lessons come with graphs, charts and illustrations to help you consume the course content even faster and easier.

You’ll also have instant access to 8 video lessons where we will run through step-by-step how to go about analyzing a company and where we’ll also present various real-life investment case studies. There are over 10 hours of video content total in these eight video lessons and you can watch them all as many times as you like.


How do I access The Investment Quadrant online training course?
Members will be given a unique individual username and password to access the members-only area of this site and go through the training course. The entire course is split into 9 separate modules which will cover specific areas on investing that you need to know before you start investing in stock market.
Can I ask you my questions if I have any queries/doubts after I finish the course?
Yes, of course you can! We have a special section in the members’ area where you can ask conveniently any questions you might have regarding the course. You’ll usually receive a reply within 48 hours (unless on a weekend or a public holiday).
Do I receive free updates to the training course?
Yes, we’ll be constantly updating the content, information and case studies on the course and as a member you’re entitled to free unlimited updates to the course.

This way you’ll always be receiving the latest investment education as we’ll continually share more with you as we learn more ourselves!

Will I receive any great investment ideas in the course?
We will highlight and share information about certain companies which we think are potentially great investments as case studies throughout the course.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this is not a recommendation to purchase or sell any of the securities mentioned during the course/coaching sessions. They the opinions of the authors and is strictly for educational purposes only. The information should not be construed as and does not constitute financial, investment or any form of advice. Any investment involves substantial risks, including complete loss of capital. Every investor has different strategies, risk tolerances and time frames. You are advised to perform your own independent research or contact a licensed professional before making any investment decisions.

What is the price for The Investment Quadrant training course?

You can access the entire Investment Quadrant course for just US$347 .

As we continue to expand and add more content to the course, we will eventually raise the price to US$497 in the near future. And of course, if you purchase The Investment Quadrant today, you get to enjoy all future updates and additions for free.

Do you have a full money-back guarantee?
Yes, we do.

You can test-drive the entire Investment Quadrant training course for a full 30 days. If for any reason whatsoever you feel that this course is not right for you within that time, simply email us and we’ll give you all of you money back. No questions asked.

How do I make payment and what is the order process like?
Just click on our order link and it will take you to an order page to fill up your details. PayPal is our payment provider and we accept all major credit cards. All payment transactions are processed using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits. Once payment is approved, you’ll be redirected to our members-only area where you can access all your course materials, webinars and question support.