“Here’s How You Can Be One of 35 People Who Get Exclusive Access to Master the Art of Value-Growth Investing… and Join the New Ranks of Investors with Portfolios So GREEN that 95% of Retail Investors Can Only Drool Over.”

Dear Investor,

There are 2 types of investment workshops…

One that makes you feel good, motivated, and hyped up over every single promise that’s created to make you feel like Superman.

It’s fun, entertaining, and you go home with all the motivation to start “life anew”.

We all know how this story ends…

Yeah, exactly… six months later, everything’s right back to square one. The knowledge acquired is incomplete, and you have problems knowing how to invest in good stocks at the right valuation.

Then there is the second type of workshop:

One that’s intense, no-hype, and attended by people who are actually serious about getting “across the line”.

The person actually goes in with a REAL agenda.

He networks with the right people, asks the right questions and focuses his efforts on one thing and one thing only:

To really MASTER the Art of Investing.

So that he can be fully independent when it comes to identifying great companies and is able to make profitable investment decisions all by himself. That’s how most successful investors do it. And he wants to join that elite group of investors who know how to invest profitably for themselves.

Which brings us back to the reason we brought you to this page…

We are Going to Help You Become One of the Masters…

Sounds cliché… but if you’re reading this, we’ll assume you know who we are.

Not to brag but on our journey as value-growth investors, we’ve been able to achieve some pretty amazing returns from our stock investments.

From helping to restructure a -$400,000 fund that made +$2,200,000 in profits by the time we left to becoming international authors with world-renowned publisher Wiley, Inc.

In 2014, we founded The Fifth Person with a mission: to spread the message that financial literacy and practical investment knowledge is the key to helping millions of people around the world achieve financial independence.

Since then, our investment articles have been published on The Business Times, Business Insider, The Edge, and the CPF’s board ‘Are You Ready?’. Plus we’ve been invited multiple times to share our views on how to invest successfully on national radio on 938LIVE.

In that period till now, we have invested in several great value-growth stocks. Some of these winners include:

  • Japan Food – 176% 
  • Major Cineplex – 111%
  • Armstrong Industrial – 47% 
  • Nera Telecommunications – 32% 
  • Boustead – 121%
  • BreadTalk – 178% 
  • Soup Restaurant – 63% 
  • Centurion – 241%
  • ARA Asset Management – 66.96%
  • Lippo Mall – 27%
  • Neo Group – 81%
  • Super Group – 243%

Let’s just say it’s safe to say we know what we are talking about when it comes to Value-Growth Investing — and we want to help you achieve the same level of results like us.

And how we’re going to do this is to personally walk you through every step and download everything we know into you, so that it becomes second nature for you unearth, analyze and invest in great value-growth companies.

In fact, we want to transfer the very same “under-the-radar” strategies that have been at the very core of investing in all the winning stocks we found. And we want you to have them…

For yourself, your family, your legacy…

This is the Perfect Opportunity to Learn Everything We Know

Here is what we’re going to do.

We want to get a very small group of highly motivated people to join us for our very first Investment Quadrant Masterclass.

This is an extension of our Investment Quadrant online training course — except that it’s heck a lot more comprehensive, with detailed walkthroughs, brain dumps, and on-the-spot hands-on training.

Here’s the truth: We see a lot people who genuinely want to become successful long-term investors but the just need a little push to get across the line…

So after much thought, the fastest way we could see ourselves help others across the line and master the art of investing is to literally let them “look over our shoulders” and walk them through everything in a masterclass — TOGETHER.

Success breeds success…

And we want to bring tangible success to your journey in becoming a profitable investor.

Are you a doer? 

Are you someone who wants to be a cut above the retail investors out there?

Only you know the answer to that question…

We are Not Here to Waste Your Time on Academic Theory

You can learn that from books, videos, or by listening to self-proclaimed financial experts.

We are certainly not here to motivate, entertain, or play games because quite frankly, you should be way past that stage.

What you can expect from this masterclass is 16 hours of real, practical investment content over two full days.

We’ll be going through case studies after case studies, and focus on the stuff that really matters — the right type of metrics, valuation models, and business analyses, etc.

All you need to do is to absorb the content. Take notes (lots of it), follow along, and ask questions.

You will be able to make better, more PROFITABLE investment decisions by the time you finish this masterclass.


This Masterclass is Not for Everyone!

I hate to be brutal but if you have trouble reading financial reports or you can’t understand what revenue, profit, asset, or liability means… then this is NOT for you.

The stuff we will be covering is intermediate to advanced.

1) You need to have a fundamental understanding of what investing is and at least have a basic understanding of how to read a financial report. This will important because it will help you and your fellow investors maximize the investment takeaways from the masterclass.

You see, we’ll be going straight into the ‘meat’ and reveal the strategies that separate an average investor from one that earns multiple returns from their investments. In short, we won’t be spending time covering the basics… I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept of quality vs. quantity — and in this IQ Masterclass, you will only be getting content that matters.

2) Another prerequisite is that your personal finances must be in order and you’re not under any financial stress. You must not be down to your last dime and must not have trouble putting food on the table for you and your family.

Investing for profits is a long-term game, and it will NOT be beneficial right now to attend this if you have trouble meeting the bills every month. More importantly however, without healthy finances, it will be hard for you to fully enjoy the rewards this masterclass can bring.

Now if you don’t have any of the above and would like to find out how you can benefit from the Investment Quadrant Masterclass, please read on:

How This is Going to Help & Benefit You as an Investor

The only reason you want to be here, is to become a better, more profitable investor.

Truth is, we are not going to promise that you will make 100%, 200% or even 1,000% returns from your investments in the next few years.

Those are fanciful, marketing promises marketers out there use to get attention. Sure, following our system, there is a high chance that you’ll going to make a few multi-baggers when you invest… but that’s really not the focus here.

In the IQ Masterclass, our main objective is to get you “across the line”, so you know exactly what do when it comes to picking profitable value-growth stocks for years and years to come.

So there are really 3 key benefits to be here in person:

Big Benefit #1:

The Lifetime Skill Set of a Successful Value-Growth Investor

You get front-row seats as we analyze select companies in our (or your) portfolio, step-by-step… TOGETHER.

Either way, you’ll have unprecedented access and find out how we move from ideas, to evaluation, to decision making. These are the steps and processes we both use to mange our fund.

You’ll also see where we succeed and where we fail, so you can use our lessons to short-cut your way to investing profitably.

It’s going to be intensive… but at the end of the day, it’s a skill that’s going to stick with your for life for many years and years to come.

Big Benefit #2:

Insights from Victor & Rusmin’s Years of Experience

This event will NOT be recorded.  This means that we will be able to share our very best-kept secrets with this group.

That is to say, you’ll get insights and resources that’s the very heart of our “rice-bowl” and we have no problem sharing them with you at this masterclass.

Yup, these are content and insights you won’t hear us share anywhere publicly.

This is exclusive for this group of IQ Masterclass attendees… and it’ll save you more time & money, you’ll make fewer mistakes and hit more investment “home runs” as your own your investment analyst.

Needless to say, you’ll reap everything by allowing us to shorten your learning curve so you can get to where you want to go – fast.

Big Benefit #3:

A Closed-door Network of Like-minded Investors

As you already probably know, this isn’t your usual newbie investment workshop. Everyone here will have at least some experience in investing. More importantly, this gives you an opportunity to network with people who are like you and serious about investing:

You can:

  • Form quality mastermind groups
  • Exchange investment ideas…
  • And much, much more (the possibilities are really limitless)…

In addition to meeting like-minded investors, you’ll get to know us at a more personal level too. The more we know about you, the better we can help you with your investment goals.

Now that you know the three main benefits that’s going to alter and change your journey as an investor…

Here’s how everything is going down to the wire:

We’ll Hand You Everything Strategies, Resources, Undervalued Ideas All on a Silver Platter.

At this point, you know that this training is going to be a many notches above the Investment Quadrant online training course.

Here’s want a sneak peak at what we will be covering over the two days:

Our Investment Approach

From ideas to analysis to valuation. We’ll go through everything step-by-step together. There will be plenty of case studies so you can see how our strategies are successfully applied in real-life investment scenarios. No one will be left behind. At the end of the day, you’ll know our exact investment approach and you’ll be able replicate the exact approach for yourself to invest in profitable value-growth stocks.

Our Private Rolodex of Tools & Resources

This is the place where most of our stock winners come from. You get our personal sources of investment ideas and company updates, financial & analytical templates we use, how we find critical information and figures on a company… You get what we are personally using now and we’ll even walk you through how to use them.

Undervalued Investment Ideas

We’ll also be sharing at least 2 investment ideas straight from our million-dollar portfolio. These are companies that we are currently invested in. We’ll breakdown our business, financial, valuation analysis together. This absolute gold and you decide if you want to join us and reap the potential returns from these investments.

Personalised Analysis of Your Stock Investments

Learning is always a two-way street. If you have any stocks in the portfolio that you have doubts about, let us know and we’ll personally analyze it on the spot together with the class. We will breakdown its business model, metrics, valuation and any critical points you need to pay attention to. This is like having a personal investment analyst doing the work for you!

(Note: As there will be multiple submissions, we will pick the best examples for the class. We apologize if your submission is not selected for presentation.)


Dedicated Q&A Sessions

There will be dedicated blocks of time to answer any questions you may have about the lesson or value-growth investing in general.  Need advice or help? Here is your chance to ask us personally face-to-face.

Everything is designed and created to help you maximize your potential as an investor.

Here’s Your Investment…

We normally charge $5,000 for one day of live one-on-one coaching…

Anybody who is worth their salt wouldn’t waste their time for anything less.

Time is the most valuable asset you have, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. No amount of money can ever buy back time, which is why we value time more than money.

Even at this rate, we seldom do one-on-one coaching because like you, we enjoy the free time we have with our family and loved ones. And weekends are usually the only time we have with them.

Which is why this Investment Quadrant Masterclass isn’t going to be cheap. In fact, this is probably the highest level “training” you can receive from us on value-growth investing right now.

Factor in the content, the undervalued companies in our portfolio, the resources, the personal analysis, it’s easily at least thousands of dollars in value right there.

But Here’s The Good News

(You Don’t Have to Pay Anything Close To That)

We have a mission and we haven’t forgotten it.

At The Fifth Person, we always aim to provide investment education as affordable as we can. So even if this is our highest level training to date, we still want to keep that promise.

So here’s what we are going to do…

Instead of the usual price, the fee to join this masterclass is only going be USD997/-.

However, because this is our very first masterclass, we are going to give you USD300/- off just for this very first batch. Plus if you are already an Investment Quadrant member, we are giving another USD200/- off!

This means that your investment to join the first inaugural Investment Quadrant Masterclass is only USD497/-.

This is truly a steal, because after this first masterclass, the price will go back up to USD997/-. So if you think this is what need to be a profitable value-growth investor, we welcome you to join us now.

You Need To Be Fast!

Seats are extremely limited and we are only doing one batch in 2015.

You see, we want to keep this as intimate as possible.

A small group will allow us to understand, help, and coach you better. In fact, everything is designed and customised to your needs to help you start investing profitably in 2016.

As such, we are only taking 35 people for this first batch.

Admission will be based on a first-come, first-serve basis only. So if you get in and enjoy the perks for being in this pioneer batch for the Investment Quadrant Masterclass, I urge you to do book your seat now.

Oh and there’s one more thing…

Just for this pioneer batch of investors, we want to extend one extra bonus to you.

Of course this is not mandatory and you can opt out if you like. But if you have nothing else to do after the Masterclass ends on Sunday, we want to invite you to grab dinner with us and unwind after two days of intense learning.

We’ll pick a restaurant and you can order whatever you want from the menu to eat and drink, and of course the bill will be on us.

There is something powerful about dining with each other, just like friends and family.

This is the time to relax and unwind after the training. We’ll throw aside our teacher/student roles and get to know each other on a personal level and chat more about how to invest successfully moving into 2016.

This is something that we specially want to extend to you, our pioneer group of members, for supporting us from the very beginning :)

So if you are ready…

Here’s What I Want You To Do

The Investment Quadrant Masterclass will be held on 14 & 15 November, 9AM to 6PM. The venue will be emailed to you once your application is confirmed.

Right below this page, there is an blue “Add To Cart” button. Click on it and it will take you to the payment page.

Once your payment is approved, you will be taken to an application page where we’ll need you to fill in some important details.

Please fill in those details as accurately as possible as it will help us customise our content to better fit your investor profile.

With that said, we look forward to having you at our first Investment Quadrant Masterclass…

Investment Quadrant Masterclass

See you on the inside,

P.S.  Seats are limited. Applications will close once all 35 slots are taken up. The next time we conduct this Masterclass, the price will not be the same. So if you are ready to join us and take your investing to the next level, do not pass this up!