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QuestionsCategory: MiscellaneousAvailability of stocks
helmac asked 12 months ago
Hi, sometimes my broker informed me that a certain requested stock is not available on broker‘s trading platform although it’s listed eg on LSE. Are there technical or financial reasons for brokers to narrow the spectrum of available stocks? Thank you and kind regards.
3 Answers
Victor Chng Staff answered 12 months ago
Hi Helmac,   To trade different exchanges, it depends on whether the broker is connected to them. If you want to trade all exchanges, I suggest looking at the interactive broker.  
helmac answered 12 months ago
Thank you Victor. In my case it was a broker offering a wide range of UK stocks with LSE but not the requested monthly dividend paying funds also traded on LSE.
Victor Chng Staff replied 12 months ago

Welcome Helmac :)

Just curious, what is the broker?

helmac answered 12 months ago
Hi Victor, it’s not only my broker but a variety of brokers in and outside EU. Maybe in reality this topic is only of interest for dividend investors that should anyway be more focused on the US market - where problems like this do not exist - than the UK. Thank you again. 
Victor Chng Staff replied 12 months ago

Thanks for sharing